Tiny URL Make Your URL To Be Shorten

Now, I want to share to you about an info that maybe you knew it :( But that isn't a problem if I share to you again right? I will share about "Tiny URL", everybody know it right? Do you know it? If you don't, let's check it out :D

Tiny URL is a site that provides us that make our long URL to be a short URL. I think you known what's that URL right? So, I won't to explain you about the meaning of URL :D If you don't know what's the meaning of URL, no problem, I will explain it again to you :)

URL is a link that we always insert it into our browser address box. Example like this :


Look at the picture, see the text "Address Box". There the box of URL that we want to insert to browsing in the internet :) Now, you have known the meaning of URL right? Okay, then I will explain you about Tiny URL :D

Tiny URL can make our long URL to be short and we can give an URL up to you :) You can change it with the word that you want to give :D Like example : my own blog URL is "http://numandletter.blogspot.com/" and I insert the word that I want to give to my shorten URL, that's to be like this "http://tinyurl.com/numandletter/". Cool right? If you don't believe, try this, click this [link] or the link above and you will go to my blog again :D

The profit of this tool is besides we can make our link to be shorten, we can trick many people that usually changes our refferal link. So, with this tool, he/she can't change our refferal link :)
Example like this, that's my refferal link at EasyHits4U -> http://www.easyhits4u.com/?ref=anton135 after I changed it, it's to be like this -> http://tinyurl.com/6x6prn :) And if you change the URL that was changed in TinyURL, example like http://tinyurl.com/6x6prz or http://tinyurl.com/6x6pry, you will see the other page appear at your browser :D

Is my explain clear for you? Give comment if you were read it :D


RN2B said...

hi.. this has nothing to do with tinyurl but i just want to know if you could share to me how you shorten your post and put and "read here" link instead. thanks!!!

NL said...

@ RN2B -> You want that? Oke, I will share it to you..

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