How To Change The FavIcon for Blogspot

I will teach you about a tips that maybe useful for you :) It's name is "How To Change The Tab Icon In The Browser Menu", want to know this??? Read all okay :)

Here the steps to do it :
1. Create or copy the icon that you want to place in your tab icon (size 64 X 64)
2. Upload that icon to the picture hosting that you want to, example : photobucket,, etc. Up to you :)
3. Open your HTML template, go to the > Layout > Edit HTML, don't forget to check the "expand widget templates" checkbox :)
4. Find </head> word, the simple way is CTRL + F and then type </head>
5. Paste this code <link rel="shortcut icon" href="*****"/> over the </head> tag
6. Then, click "save templates" and then refresh your webpage. The icon that you want to change would be appeared :)

Note : the word ***** can you change with the image link that you want to change. Example : <link rel="shortcut icon" href=""/>

Enjoy your new icon :)


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