Blogspot VS Wordpress???

In this post I will try to give you the information that can be useful for the newbie (like me) :)

At this post I choose theme "Blogspot VS Wordpress" Why do I choose this 2 freehosting? The answer is because the 2 freehosting is usually used by beginners like me, and also because of how to use it is more easy

Most of people who want to "jump" in the virtual world certainly want to have a personal blog fellow to the other blogger. But there are also many of theim who confused by the question like this " which blog with freehosting is better?" So, this is the important side of this post.

Actually this 2 freehosting provide the same services, but it is all the options. So, we must select one. But for a pro blogger, make many blog with different hosting isn't a problem.

Which better? Blogspot or Wordpress?

Both this are good, depending on our needs. If we only use that blog to fellow to others, you better choose Wordpress. But if you create a blog for find money, you better use Blogspot.

Why WordPress cannot to find money? But Blogspot can?

That's because the TOS (Terms Of Service) give a warning to the users of Wordpress to search for money, if we break the TOS, the blog we have built for a long time will be banned (deleted). So, we'll lost it

Meanwhile, the TOS (Terms Of Service) of Blogspot not give us a warning about that. So, Blogspot more recommended for them who want to find money with online business without finance (just needs the internet access)


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