Viwawa, Online Game via Windows

This is a good game by Japan (but I can't be sure for the creator of this game) that called "Viwawa". But this is not an online game like an online game in your country, that you need just install flashplayer for your internet browser. Fun, cool, interesting game. Read it first before you play it! :)

In Viwawa, we can build-up our character (called Wawa). Eitzzz, Wawa is the name of the character in Viwawa, not a nickname that we gave. If Wawa is the nickname that we gave, it's funny right? All the character will be called Wawa, how can we discriminating each character? Hahahahhahaha :))
We can build-up our character up to us, nobody can forbid us to build our Wawa. We can give our Wawa hat,tatoo, clothes, etc. All is up to you :) But we must have gold to build our Wawa, don't have gold, so, we can't build our Wawa :)

How to find the gold???

It's easy, just play and win the game. It's the simple way to find the gold :)) Easy right???

There are 11 games that provides by Viwawa, you can play it everytime :)

Here is it :

An exciting stickman fighting game with cool moves and powerful skills at your disposal.

It's Big Two yet so much more. Grab a chair, join a table and play with other players now!

A steady memory coupled with a nimble strategy will guarantee that you come out tops in this twisted mind game!
Only your cunning mind and astute strategy will ensure you emerge as chessmaster
Play Mahjong with your friends anywhere and anytime here at Wahjong. Test your skills and best your opponents here!
Setup your own sushi stall to master the Japanese culinary art of sushi.
Another fun-filled spin by Viwawa on the all-time favorite intellectual card game of Bridge.
Wahlords is our very first battle strategy game. It is a battle of wit, luck, and loads of fun to become the ultimate WAHLORD!
Be in control of your tanks and be challenged by speed, reflexes and mathematical mastery!
The war between Chu and Han has begun. The strategic game of Chinese Chess now wages war on the grounds of Viwawa!
Groword is a puzzle game of forming words given letters on a board.


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i played viwawa too, can u add me, my id is hamburgers123!

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Hy u ppl..
this is very informative blog....
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