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We as the people in this world definitely must be able to use many as the language that we use to interact with the internet world people that came from the difference country. Definitely, there was also blogger that could not or possibly not at all that understood the meaning from a word/the sentence/the paragraph that ought to be useful for us who did not understand Indonesian language...

Because of that I would review a translator site that facilitated us to interpret a word/the sentence/the paragraph in Indonesian to be translated in the English. Not for the language from your area but from England :) Because this website only could translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English version :) Maybe because this website was allocated for Indonesians who could not to reading the article in English and for England people who could not to reading the article in Indonesian.

For example, I tried wrote a paragraph from an article of my Indonesian blog in order to be interpreted in English. This the screenshot of it..


The results of this translation could be considered to be quite satisfactory, although also had words that were not in order with the meaning that ought to be digested by us :D

If you wanted to try, or you could not use Indonesian but you had the need with website spoke Indonesian, you could use ToogleText this to translate the sentence that wanted to be translated by you :)


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