Sexy Sarah Palin In Newsweek Cover Magazine

For the second time since Sarah Palin entered to xVP, her sexiest photo in cover the Newsweek magazine is sparking controversy. Sarah Palin took issue with Newsweek using a photo from an article about fitness to promote an analysis piece contemplating her relevance in politics.
The cover of Newsweek magazine shows Sarah Palin for the model and her pose was so sexy and hot. Here is the photo.

Newsweek editor, Jon Meacham said that the photo choice was simply the "most sexy interesting image available" to "illustrate the theme of the cover." The sexy cover flap isn't the first sexy cover for Newsweek and had Sarah Palin pictures too.

Is Newsweek trying to use and sabotage her as a stupid woman just because of she is a conservative politician? Or Sarah Paling who want to do it to make a sensation for her country and make her name famous?


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